The Vulgar Chef: Creating Wild and Wacky Food Combinations

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Ever heard of the “octopookie” or chicken skin fried pickles? Well, Kyle Marcoux, aka “the Vulgar Chef,” has a knack for creating bizarre and sometimes pretty out-there food combos. He’s built a solid following on social media by sharing recipes that range from weird to downright eyebrow-raising.

Outlandish Creations

His recent “octopookie” is a chocolate chip cookie adorned with—you guessed it—octopus. If that’s not enough, how about mac-n-cheese chocolate cups, candy corn meatballs, or even a candied hot dog? It might sound bizarre, but Marcoux doesn’t just make these odd dishes for show—he actually seems to eat them, and there might just be others out there brave enough to try them too.

The Vulgar Chef’s Journey

Based in Westfield, Massachusetts, this self-taught chef got his inspiration from binge-watching the Food Network. “You watch enough, you can start figuring stuff out,” he says. In 2013, he started sharing his culinary adventures on YouTube, showcasing his penchant for over-the-top, indulgent food creations along with a side of colorful language.

A Unique Style

Marcoux’s dishes tend to be super indulgent, mega-unhealthy, and often combined in ways that make you raise an eyebrow. He’s got quite a following—around 7,300 followers and over 400,000 views on his videos. His style isn’t for everyone, but there are a few recipes that might pique your interest, like the sushi grilled cheese.

The Vulgar Chef’s World

His recipe catalog is a wild ride—Hawaiian Pizza Breakfast Sandwich, Taco Biscuits, Chicago Dog Deep Dish Stuffed Pizza, Honey Bacon Marijuana Popcorn, Country Fried Chicken Pizza Crust, and Bacon Wrapped English Muffin Pizza Sandwich are just a few examples of his quirky creations.

Behind the Scenes

Despite the unconventional dishes, Marcoux is self-taught and pumps out two videos weekly—one on Sunday and another on Tuesday. He’s got a mix of fans, including some professional chefs, who appreciate his unorthodox approach to cooking. “Just because I’m not cooking with foie gras and fancy stuff, there’s still passion to it—I’m just using Spaghetti O’s and mac ‘n’ cheese,” Marcoux explains.

Check Him Out

If you’re curious about The Vulgar Chef’s work, hop onto his YouTube or TikTok. And hey, if you’re feeling adventurous and want to whip up some of these recipes, he’s got them all laid out for you to try.

In a Nutshell

The Vulgar Chef might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but his imaginative and boundary-pushing culinary adventures are making waves. Whether you’re down for an octopus chocolate chip cookie or prefer sticking to a classic grilled cheese with a twist, there’s something about his boldness that’s definitely intriguing.


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